Standing Committees



Civic Interest

  1. Spot of Beauty: Marilyn Williams
  2. 4th July Parade: Alexis Doering
  3. Penny Pines: Andrea Luttinen
  4. Horticulture Report: TBA
  5. Hand Tied Bouquets: Lynn Keeling
  6. Middle School Garden, USPS Garden, Ricky Fernandez Garden- Many Volunteers
  7. Holiday Appreciation to Police Department, Fire Department, Coronado Eagle Newspaper and City Hall: Ana Toscano, Alexis Doering, Teri Davies, Pat Cooley
  8. Special Projects

Civic Chair- TBA

Committee: Alexis Doering, Marilyn Williams, Alicia Avila, Nadine Aherns, Andrea Luttinen, Nancy Fain, Anna Buell, Teresa Scott, Lynn Keeling, Pat Cooley, Ana Toscano, Teri Davies


  1. Bay Leaf News Letter Editor/email: Lynn Keeling

  2. Email- Alexis Doering, Tami Bickel, Kathy Beaton
  3. Phone Tree- Alexis Doering
  4. Publicity- Marilyn Williams
  5. Social Media- Anna Buell
  6. Website- Tami Bickel
  7. Yearbook 2020-2021:  Judy Grobbel, Sandra Killmeyer-Kran, Alexis Doering, Gail Stewart, Lynn Keeling, Kathy Beaton, Tami Bickel
  8. Special Projects

Communication Chair- Alexis Doering

Committee: Fran Monroe, Rosalyn Smyth, Karen Moore, Suzanne Scribner, Lynn Keeling, Teri Ward, Nancy Fain, Teresa Woerman, Pat Cooley, Tami Bickel


  1. Membership Dues and Applications
  2. General Meeting Name Tags and Visitors
  3. Yearbook Membership Pages
  4. Email and Telephone Accuracy

Membership Chair- Judy Grobbel and Sandra Killmeyer-Kran


  1. Finds officers for the next year
  2. Appointed Officer for the Installation Lunch

Nominating Chair- TBA

Committee: Susan Suchy, Ana Toscano, Chris Jeter


  1. Schedule and Arrange the Monthly Speakers for the 8 months that the club meets for General Meetings, namely: September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May
  2. Every May book the library Winn Room for the General Meetings for the following year. Book the 4th Monday of every month the club meets-if the 4th Monday falls on a holiday, then the General Meeting falls on the Tuesday after the holiday. The Cost for the Winn Room Reservation is $25 for all 8 months.
  3. Arrange the Set-Up at the General Meeting for the monthly speaker
  4. Coordinates the Raffle Table and Auction Items
  5. Special Projects

Program Chair- Patricia Sedgwick

Committee: Judy Grobbel, Gail Stewart, Donna Otten


  1. Arrange and monitor refreshments for all General Meetings, namely: September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May.
  2. Arrange and hold Christmas Luncheon December
  3. Arrange and hold Installation Luncheon June
  4. Arrange and hold Summer Party August
  5. Special Projects

Social Chair- TBA

Committee:  Ann Mitchell, Margaret Szindler, Bea LaFontaine. Marilyn Burchill, Claudette Harshberger, Nancy Fain, Gail Stewart, Theresa Woerman, Lee Marsolais

Please note the following important roles-

Historian: Gail Stewart

Inspiration:  Bobby Perkins 

Ways & Means: Gail Stewart


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